The best way to keep your hair is do something before you have lost them! Why don’t you start today? While men want a healthy lustrous mustacho and beard, women want lavish eyebrows and lashes. Here are five ‘musts’ to protect and nourish your hair…

1.Use a thin towel made of moisture-wicking fabric. Yu need to mop your hair dry…not rub them with a towel
2.Your hair is most vulnerable when it’s wet. Use wet wooden comb.Throw away your hair dryer. Allow them to dry naturally after moping out water. This is the only way to retain texture.
3.Just trim your hair regularly, at least once in 6-8 weeks. It reduces frizz and gives great look.
4.Apply oil of your choice liberally and leave it overnight. Use gentle shampoo next day. This will give you soft, silky hair you die for! Take care of your eyebrows and lashes too.
5.Eat iron-rich foods such as fish, beans, soybeans and vegetables. You should also include protein-rich sources, such as milk, peas and lentils.Drink 1500 ml of water every day. Keeping yourself hydrated means healthy skin, nails, and hair!

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