Until ‘Luxury Ayurveda’ arrived on the horizon the market was full of products of very low dosages, price and quality. Many started feeling that Ayurveda is not very useful. We watched waves of holistic medicine, Yoga and organic food over the last 35 years. People, Corporates and Insurance folks started talking about Wellness without any idea, roadmap or funding.

While in Europe & USA high quality Herbal, Natural and Ayurvedic (HAN) products backed by solid research made great strides. Indian industry got on to this HAN bandwagon with all guns blazing from healthy oils to toothpaste. Few did become icons, but most lost out barring high end imported or made in India personal care products on e-commerce platforms.

We knew that Ayurveda is the first system in the world to have paid such close attention to the problems of aging 5000 years ago by sages in the Himalayas. It dedicated an entire branch solely to rejuvenating & restorative tonics & beauty therapies. Down south, Ayurveda is mainstream treatment for primary care for many illnesses in Kerala, even to this day.

We felt that the marketplace requires disruptive innovation with products that have right ingredients in right doses & at right, not cheap, price point. We decided to make effective, not necessarily HAN only, products specifically designed for Indian & Global consumer in four verticals: Food Supplements, Pure Organic, Personal Hygiene & Personal care.

Herbaltweet began with its first tweet: Lets begin with the truth…