TURMERIC CURCUMIN CAPSULES, 450 mg , 90 vegetarian capsules , high strength

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This capsule contains 400 mg of Turmeric( Curcuma Longa) root extract, also called Haridra. Plus it has 50 mg of 95 % Standardized Curcuminoides which are the key Active ingradient. this is best in class formulation in the current market. Curcumin has very potent anti- inflammatory action which in some cases far exceeds that of conventional anti- inflammatory medication. This helps, particularly, to reduce pain, swelling and weakness in joints caused by arthritis of any aetiology. Curcuminoids are equally proven anti-oxidants. This synergises with its anti inflammatory action and helps a variety of chronic conditions and conditions caused by ageing.


Turmeric Root Extract 400 mg, Curcumin  50 mg of 95 % Standardized Curcuminoides,   Hypromellose 100 mg 

Their Role

Curcumin is a very potent Anti-Inflammatory agent and is extensively used for any condition which involves chronic inflammation. Its beneficial action in conditions associated with bones, joints, muscles pain and tissue inflammation is well documented. It helps reduce swelling and pain in joints caused by any chronic ailment. Has Antioxidant properties which helps in ailments associated with ageing.  Hypromellose 100 mg is an excipient which functions as controlled release agent to delay the release of key ingredient into the digestive tract for improving absorption.

Recommended Dosage

1 capsule twice a day preferably before meals or as directed by your Doctor


90 capsules in PET bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Hema Latha
Good brand

High Quality Curcumin is hard to find. Along with turmeric was suggested by my doctor. I am glad to have found this. I have really bad joint pains from standing for too long. Overall good product.