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Aloweda brings you an exclusive range of Dietary supplements, personal care, & personal hygiene products. Our products are made in facilities that comply with globally accepted Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Free from harmful chemicals, the products are never tested on animals & packed in minimalistic yet eco-friendly packaging with all necessary information.

Natural Product

Vegan Capsule

GMO Free

Preservatives Free

Additives Free

No Metals & Pesticides

Cruelty Free


Best hygiene product for women, I guess. It’s easy to carry in our handbag. Dries off quickly. Nice fragrance…and it lasts till you are finished. I will repurchase one for home and one for handbag!
I am using it for months. It’s really non greasy, very soothing and has terrific fragrance! It leaves behind cream like layer….proves it has very high content of herbal extracts, I think. I use it at night as well.
I recovered from Covid and was taking multivitamin tablets for a month. The weakness was not going, I was worried. On my doctor’s advice I started taking Aloweda’s Ashwagandha for the last two months. My worry reduced. I am getting very good sleep. Now I feel very energetic
I was having swelling and mild pain in my ankles for a year. All tests came normal. Then my doctor put me on Aloweda’s Turmeric Curcumin. Two Capsules per day for about 15 days and then just 1 per day. The swelling and pain have just vanished!