ASHWAGANDHA CAPSULES 600 mg (High Strength)

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It has 600 mg of pure natural Ashwagandha Root Extract standardized to 8 % Withanolides which works to 48 mg of Active Ingredient per capsule which is best in class formulation in the current market.


600 mg of Ashwagandha root extract with 8 % Withanolides (active ingredient), equal to 48 mg / capsule, ( No other brand has this strength)  Hypromellose 100 mg

Their Role

Ashwagandha is an Adaptogen used for 3000 plus years. It's one of the key ingredient in Ayurveda. It plays a major role in general wellness in both men and women. It helps fight Physical and Mental stress. It enhances mood, improves quality of sleep, boost brain function and enhances fertility in men. It help in improving  memory and cognition function. it supports healthy digestion and metabolism. It helps to  promotes muscle strength & ease joint movement.It helps in rejuvenation and gaining back vitality after bout of acute infections like Covid for example, surgery or any chronic illness. 
Hypromellose  is an excipient which functions as controlled release agent to delay the release of key ingredient into the digestive tract for improving absorption.


60 vegetarian capsule in PET  bottle.

Customer Reviews

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Niharika Choudhary
Post Covid Weakness

This product helped me with my post covid weakness. I also improved my diet and sleep too and along with this supplement I see lots of benefits. Thanks aloweda team

Parvati Pillai
Authentic Product

I was looking for authentic Ashwagandha online and I am glad I found this. I have finished my 30 days. And I am feeling so much more calmer and clear head. Highly recommended