Dr Ajay Patwardhan, our Founder & CEO, developed swelling of ankles in 2018. All investigations did not reveal any diagnosis. Allopathic treatment gave short term relief, recurrences continued for six months. He decided to consult an Ayurveda specialist from Kerala who advised him to take Turmeric Curcumin with high strength (Active ingredient: Curcumin 50mg/ Capsule) twice a day & Ashwagandha 600 mg capsule with high strength (Active ingredient: Withanolides 8 % standardized to 95 %). It came as a shock to him that Indian market did not have a single product with proper information about the quantity of ‘active ingredients’ like Curcumin or Withanolides. All information was about the quantity of Turmeric or Ashwagandha  root extract in mg/capsule. The US market with FDA approved products was no exception! As a result he was popping 8 capsules a day for almost  a year! 

The results were astonishing, the swelling disappeared and has never recurred since. He got interested in Ayurveda & began studying it seriously. Its holistic approach appealed to him as it was not just about popping pills and fancy protein shakes in pursuit of wellness.

Another shocking eye opener came in 2020

“A study conducted by ASSOCHAM and market research service provider RNCOS in 2020, it was noted that about 60-70% of dietary supplements being sold across India are fake, counterfeit, unregistered and unapproved. A variety of products have flooded the market, which may carry the ‘Ayurvedic’ moniker, but these are not Ayurvedic at all. Another big concern is herbal security, especially for products that use low-quality herbs or wrong substitutions for classical herbs. Covid triggered immunity boosters which had no scientific basis and the real Ayurvedic supportive treatment was completely ignored.”

The story of Skin care & Hair growth products was no different. But the products for Sexual Dysfunction take the cake! 

It was clear that consumers need Ayurvedic formulations with reliable quality, in right strengths and at right price to give a fair treatment trial. He partnered with his family friends, Dr. Chitra Phadnis, Dr. Atul Gadkari, Shubha Sagar & Rita Kulkath and decided to manufacture products with following key specifications,

Blend of best of Ayurveda with Allopathy backed by scientific research, not anecdotes


Low Carbon foot print: Sustainable ingredients, recyclable packaging, non-fancy straight forward labelling

Price point: HALF of the best in class GLOBAL PRODUCT, DOUBLE in QUANTITY / pack 

Provide information about EVERY ingredient like Safe Synthetics and preservatives and not just say cream or lotion base so that the consumer makes an informed choice

Rigorous testing for six sigma quality. NO ANIMAL TESTING.

Aloweda was born and took its first baby steps in 2021!