Dr Ajay Patwardhan,

An allopathic doctor with specialization in Industrial Medicine, Employee Health & Wellness. He brings tremendous experience with his 35+ year stint in Corporates like BILT, Alcan, Hindalco & GE.  He is currently Medical Advisor to Honeywell, Britannia, Sabic, Ocwen Financial Services etc to name a few. He is certified Black Belt in Six Sigma. Prior to starting his consulting company, he was Global Medical Director of GE where he worked out of USA headquarters for two years. 

During his tenure in India & USA, he closely observed how Lifestyle Diseases of ‘THE WEST’ like Heart Attacks, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Stress creepily took over Dysentery, Malaria and Tuberculosis to became ‘OUR TOP TEN’, today. He became instrumental in shifting policy focus in Corporates from providing top quality care for ‘Illness’ through Healthcare Insurance to adopting ‘Wellness’. He was involved in developing & implementing many Wellness programs for employees and their families.

Dr. Chtra Phadnis

She is practicing Ayurveda specialist with exceptional background in manufacturing. She was the Director of  Research, Development & Manufacturing of Ayurvedic product like  Dietary supplements, Skin care & Hair care for 40 + years at Madhur Pharma & Research Center, Bangalore. With such solid experience, Aloweda gets critical inputs in research, product formulation, sourcing of quality ingredients for Aloweda.  

Dr. Atul Gadkari

He is practicing Naturopathy for 35 + years and has been treating patients, world over with Organically grown and powdered Wheat Grass. He has a unique way of first providing offline / online consultation and only then prescribe right dose, duration for Wheat Grass Therapy, not making it over the counter Dietary supplement. His brand of Wheat Grass Powder, Jeewananand, is world famous. https://jeewananand.com/ 

Vaidya Akhilesh Varrier,  

He is Chief Physician at Shivamastu Ayurveda, Ahmedabad. He was born and brought up in an Ayurvedic milieu of Kottakkal, in Kerala. This was a primary influencer for him to choose Ayurveda as his profession. He has been practicing Ayurveda for 10+ years, treating patients worldwide with a staunch belief that many diseases can be reversed. He also teaches Ayurveda courses for Latin American students. He is a certified ISO 9001-2015 internal auditor and Lean specialist which is rare among Ayurveda practitioners. He provides advice to Aloweda in developing Formulations & Quality control.