In a world filled with AHA's & BHA's 

Let us get down to basics

Your Grandparents would love us

Aloweda is a brain child born out of the need for clean science and affordable wellbeing. Who says you cannot have both? Right from 2014, the year the seed was planted, up until 2020, when the products came into fruition, our mission was always crystal clear to us. "Pure Science. No Hype"

Here is how it all started


Hi, I am Dr Ajay Patwardhan. I'm an allopathic doctor and have been in Corporate health and Wellness for 40 + years.

During these years I have watched how Lifestyle Diseases of ‘THE WEST’ like Heart Attacks, High Blood Pressure & Diabetes creepily took over Dysentery, Malaria and Tuberculosis to became ‘OUR’ Top Ten diseases, Today. During these years there has been a major shift from treating ‘Illness’ to adopting ‘Wellness’.  High cost of treatment has forced people to look for prevention than cure.

Enter: Holistic Wellness, a concept that went from here to the west and came back nicely packaged and branded! Just like Yoga! 

Sometime in 2014, I got interested in Ayurveda. It appealed to me because it has more to do with holistic wellness than just popping Multivitamin pills and drinking fancy protein shakes.

Aloweda was born out of the love for both Ayurveda and Allopathy to develop products that are a blend of best of both sciences. 

  Our Ayurveda Advisor

Vaidya Akhilesh Varrier – Chief Physician, Shivamastu Ayurveda, Ahmedabad
An Ayurvedic graduate; born and brought up in an Ayurvedic milieu in a village called Kottakkal, in Kerala, the southern part of India; where Ayurveda is quite famous. Since he had been exposed to Ayurvedic principles and practices as early as childhood, it was impetus enough for him to choose Ayurveda as a profession. He was fortunate enough to be taught by good teachers who emphasized core Ayurveda principles.

Even after his education, he felt fortunate to be in touch with many who enabled him to study Ayurveda texts books to deep and understand its principles.

He is also a professor for various Ayurveda courses for Latin American students. He is a certified ISO 9001-2015 internal auditor and Lean and agile Practitioner which is rare among Ayurveda practitioners. He is practicing Ayurveda for 10 years, treating patients worldwide and believes in reversing many disease conditions in actuality. He stresses diet -lifestyle- and medication combinations for the betterment of disease conditions, and in preserving health. He is an expert in Nadi Pariksha, counselling, medicine manufacturing.

It is the best of both worlds